Islam 101

Concept of God

Chapter 112, worth 1/3 of the Qurʾān, defines the Divine:

Say: It's Allāh, a Single One.
Allāh, the Eternal all depends on.
Allāh has no child, is child to none.
Allāh is beyond comparison.

Don’t get hung up on words. Allāh has 99 names.

Islām — submission, yielding, letting go

The 5 pillars that define Islām and the Muslim:

  1. Declare your belief (there’s no god but God, and Muḥammad was a servant and messenger of God)
  2. Pray five times a day
  3. Give to the poor and needy (philanthropy, 2.5% of your annual net worth)
  4. Fast during Ramaḍān (self-control over physical urges)
  5. Pilgrimage to Makkah

Īmān — what Muslims believe

The 6 items that define Īmān:

  1. Oneness of Allāh:
  2. Angels:
    • genderless agents made of pure light
  3. Prophets:
  4. Scriptures:
  5. Moment of Accountability, and then the Next World
  6. Fate, both what we perceive as good and as bad

Iḥsān — excellence, doing what is beautiful, spirituality

Iḥsān is the innermost dimension of the religion. It means to worship Allāh as if you see Allāh. For even if you don’t see Allāh, Allāh sees you.

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