Classical Arabic

Rumūz al-Awqāf رموز الاوقاف — pause marks

These symbols in the Qurʾān show where to stop or continue. This is to preserve the correct meaning of your recitation.

must stop مـ Waqf al-Lāzim, Waqf al-Wājib
should stop قلى Waqf a'la
ط Waqf al-mutlaq
۝ end of verse
may stop ج Waqf al-Ja'iz, waqf mujawwaz
∴ ∴ may stop on one of the two, but not on both
should not stop صلى Waslu awla
ص waqf murakhkhas
must not stop لا La Taqif (if you stop here, then go back and read over)