Islamic concepts

ʿAbd — humble servant, worshipper, dependant (of Allāh), subject, worker, helper

عَبْدْ عِبَاْدْ أمَة إماء
noun masc. fem.
sing. pl. sing. pl.
romanization ʿabd ʿibād amah imāʾ
pronunciation ʕabd ˈʕɪbææd ˈæmæh

إماء Literally meaning ‘slave’, ʿAbd is what every creature is to Allāh, who is the ultimate Master and Provider. Even prophets are but humble and obedient followers of Allāh. We are total dependants, subordinates.

In names

If you combine ʿAbdu (for men) or Amatu (for women) with one of the 99 names of Allāh, this produces 198 popular names for Muslims.

For example, ʿAbdullāh, ʿAbdussalām, Amatullaṭīf (Amat al-Laṭīf).

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