Islamic concepts

Āyah — wondrous sign, majestic work (of Allāh), miraculous sign; verse

آية ءَايَة
noun singular plural

Āyāt are signs of Allāh’s work, existence. Phenomena, wonders, works, masterpiece.


at (ءَايَة).

Āyah (pl. Āyāt has two main meanings in the Qurʾān.

Majestic works of Allāh (swt)

wonder of God, of nature

visible phenomenon of nature, also interior events of the soul?

At first glance, life and the universe may seem totally arbitrary. Why are you the two-legged mammal of consciousness right here and right now, and not — say — speck of dust, a mountainside, or a distant quasar? What are the odds of you existing the exact way you do?

A doctor observes signs and symptoms in a patient to get at the underlying phenomenon causing them. A Muslim sees the existence of everything around her as the signs of an ultimate cause behind them.

signs that hint at a deeper reality that is hard to explain

The Qurʾān consists of them too.

Verse of the Qurʾān

The Qurʾān contains 6,236 verses.

here are two types of ayah:

  • Some that are Muhkam (محكم): with very clear and straightforward meanings.
  • Some that are Mutashabeh (متشابه): with multiple interpretations.[4]
  • literal or figurative: