Islamic concepts

Fariḥ — happiness

  • To be happy with the favours and mercy of God is better than whatever you accumulate 10:58
  • God gives abundantly to whoever He will, and sparingly to whoever He will- and though they may revel in the life of this world, it is but a fleeting comfort compared with the Life to come. 13:26
  • Those to whom We sent the Scripture rejoice in what has been revealed to you [Prophet]; some factions deny parts of it. Say, ‘I am commanded to worship God, and not join anything with Him in worship: to Him I call [others] and to Him I shall return.’ 13:36
  • This community of yours is one- and I am your Lord: be mindful of Me, but they have split their community into sects, each rejoicing in their own. 23:52 glad