Islamic concepts

Fiṭrah — inner disposition, innate human nature, human predisposition towards Islam, innate disposition to Islam, natural disposition, innate character, natural instinct to recognize Allah

cannot change fiṭrah

  • Devote yourself single-mindedly to the Religion. And follow the nature [constitution] as made by God, that nature in which He has created mankind. There is no altering the creation of God. That is the right religion. But most people do not realize it. (Qurʾān 30:30)

inner nature that Allāh created in all human beings

a natural inclination to goodness and to worship the one true God alone every baby is born with the Fitrah, the basic nature of humans

something inside us, subconscious nature, tells us certain facts without them being taught to us,

we are not born as blank slates.

It's in the Fiṭrah to know there is a God, and that this God is one, so beautiful, so powerful, you want to humble yourself, worthy of worship

know basic issues of morality, murder is wrong, etc.

  • "inner nature", "inner inclination to seek our Creator", " moral compass which directs us to look for God" (Emerick), primordial nature (Charles le Gai Eaton)

covenant mifaq


  • "critical analysis of shirk" yasir qadhi

Muḥammad ﷺ for the first 40 years of his life is perfect example of Fiṭrah (before revelation). he knew who created him. lived a righteous life, didn't commit shirk. got all this from his Fiṭrah. worshipped Allah in the cave of hirah, a type of worship, not what we would consider today worship, i.e. not 5 salah a day, wudu before entering cave.

Fiṭrah doesn't tell us how to worship. This is where Shariah comes. The revelation of Allah matches this Fitrah perfectly.

Fiṭrah is not corrupted to become a Muslim. Islam nurtures the Fiṭrah. Muslim is fully upon the Fiṭrah. Non-Muslim is not upon the Fiṭrah.

kalam groups doubted first then accepted islam. stepped outside of islam. had to do kufr before becoming muslim. how do you know islam is true if you haven't examined neutrally. fitrah inner mechanism, compass, conscience to identify Islam as true.