Islamic concepts

Jahannam — Gehenna, Hell

ALA-LC jahannam
IPA dʒæˈhænnæm

Allah alone knows who is going.

human accountability responsibility and judgment


  • Nār — Fire, hellfire (125 times)
  • jahim - Inferno (23 times)
  • Sa'ir - Blaze (8 times)
  • Saqar - the Scorching (4 times)
  • Laza - the Fuming 92:14
  • Hutama — the Devouring, the Crushing Fire, Vehement Fire 104:4-5
  • Hawiya - the Abyss


  • Has lahab (flames) (77:31)
  • punishes by combustion, aza'b al-hariq (3:181).
  • The nar hamiya (101:11) means a raging fire.
  • Zaqqūm helltree


pyre = heap of combustibles

Food and drink

Those who are doomed for Jahannam will eat Zaqqum and drink scalding water. Zaqqum is a tree that grows in Jahannam. It has fruit, shaped like devils' heads, which the damned are compelled to eat to intensify their torment. The Qur'an says: [44.43] Surely the tree of the Zaqqum, [44.44] Is the food of the sinful [44.45] Like dregs of oil; it shall boil in (their) bellies, [44.46] Like the boiling of hot water.[17] Other verses in the Qur'an describe different kinds of foods for the doomed in Jahannam, even exclusionary suggestions: [88.6] No food will there be for them but a bitter Dhari (thorn-fruit)[18] [69.36] Nor hath he any food except the foul pus from the washing of wound,[19] It is said that different people in Jahannam will have to eat any of these three different types of food.