Islamic concepts

Jannah — Garden of Paradise

جَنَّة جَنَّات
noun singular plural
romanization jannah jannāt
pronunciation dʒænnæh

have to build it ourselves? build our own happinness? Remember, there are two lights, your own, and that of Allah. That's where the magic spark happens.

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البدور السافرة

  • rawḍāt al-janāh flowering meadows of the Gardens 42:22
  • Garden of Bliss
  • Garden of Delights
  • Lush Garden
  • Mantle of Verdure
  • the Flourishing
  • final success and celebration

with imagery of all imaginable physical comforts and abundance.

literally meaning ‘garden’

Qurʾān, 3:190–199, 22:19–20, 36:47–57, 37:7–68, 56, 75, 76

Compare with Jahannam