Islamic concepts

Lā ilāha illallāh — There is none worthy of worship but Allāh

  • لا — no (two arguments come after, its noun, the description that's negated from the noun)
  • ilāh إله — thing worshipped, deity
  • ill إلا — except for, if not
  • Allāh الله — the unique God, the one Divine

لا إله إلا الله

لا اله الاالله‎

missing khabar dihattin (worthy of

ilah something worshipped, is one who everything turns to for their needs, and everyone worships, an object that is worshipped

ellipsis: word is poetically left out

First negation, then affirmation. This combination gives benefits:

  • pinnacle of praise for what you're affirming
  • exclusivity

there is no one in this class who is smart except for ibrahim. wiped out every other being. given this person the pinnacle of praise, above everybody else. made it exclusive. only for this. unconditional negation.

it's more than saying there is no god but God. Allāh is more than our Rabb. otherwise the Quraysh and Iblish would be Muslims. deity worthy of worship.

Seven conditions

  1. Knowledge: to understand what it is denying and affirming, to know it is true
  2. Certainty: must not have any doubt, any wavering in the heart, to be certain of its truth
  3. Acceptance: unconditionally accept the full Qurʾān, implications without pride or envy
  4. Submission and compliance: implement in our actions, at least the five daily prayers
  5. Truthfulness: as opposed to hypocrisy and dishonesty
  6. Sincerity: do it for the sake of Allāh alone, not for the sake of our family or worldly reasons
  7. Love: do it out of love for Allāh, not as chore
  8. Denial of other objects of worship
  9. Adherence until death