Islamic concepts

Laghū — useless talk and activity, frivolous or meaningless talk, wasting time, empty talk


  • The disbelievers say, ‘Do not listen to this Quran; drown it in frivolous talk: you may gain the upper hand.’ 41:26
  • He will not call you to account for oaths you have uttered unintentionally, but He will call you to account for what you mean in your hearts. God is most forgiving and forbearing. 2:225
  • God does not take you [to task] for what is thoughtless in your oaths, only for your binding oaths: the atonement for breaking an oath is to feed ten poor people with food equivalent to what you would normally give your own families, or to clothe them, or to set free a slave- if a person cannot find the means, he should fast for three days. This is the atonement for breaking your oaths- keep your oaths. In this way God makes clear His revelations to you, so that you may be thankful. 5:89
  • There they will hear only peaceful talk, nothing bad; there they will be given provision morning and evening. 19:62
  • Successful are the believers [...] who shun idle talk 23:3
  • [The servants of the Lord of Mercy are] those who do not give false testimony, and who, when they see some frivolity, pass by with dignity; 25:72
  • and turn away whenever they hear frivolous talk, saying, ‘We have our deeds and you have yours. Peace be with you! We do not seek the company of ignorant people.’. You [Prophet] cannot guide everyone you love to the truth; it is God who guides whoever He will: He knows best those who will follow guidance. (28:55)
  • 52:23
  • 56:25
  • 78:35
  • 88:11 working hard