Islamic concepts

Lisān — tongue

  • There are some who twist the Scripture with their tongues to make you [people] think that what they say is part of the Scripture when it is not; they say it is from God when it is not; they attribute lies to God and they know it. 3:78
  • Some Jews distort the meaning of [revealed] words: they say, ‘We hear and disobey,’ and ‘Listen,’ [adding the insult] ‘May you not hear,’ and ‘Raina [Look at us],’ twisting it abusively with their tongues so as to disparage religion. If they had said, ‘We hear and obey,’ ‘Listen,’ and ‘Unzurna [Look at us],’ that would have been better and more proper for them. But God has spurned them for their defiance; they believe very little. 4:46
  • Those Children of Israel who defied [God] were rejected through the words of David, and Jesus, son of Mary, because they disobeyed, they persistently overstepped the limits, 5:78
  • We have never sent a messenger who did not use his own people’s language to make things clear for them. But still God leaves whoever He will to stray, and guides whoever He will: He is the Almighty, the All Wise.14:4
  • They attribute to God what they themselves dislike while their own tongues utter the lie that the best belongs to them. Without doubt it is the Fire that belongs to them: they will be given priority there! 16:62
  • We know very well that they say, ‘It is a man who teaches him,’ but the language of the person they allude to is foreign, while this revelation is in clear Arabic. 16:103

16:103 16:116

  • And We bestowed of Our Mercy on them, and We granted them lofty honour on the tongue of truth. 19:50
  • We have made it easy, in your own language [Prophet], so that you may bring glad news to the righteous and warnings to a stubborn people.19:97
  • Lord, lift up my heart and ease my task for me. Untie my tongue, so that they may understand my words, and give me a helper from my family, 20:27
  • When you took it up with your tongues, and spoke with your mouths things you did not know [to be true], you thought it was trivial but to God it was very serious. 24:15
  • on the Day when their own tongues, hands, and feet will testify against them about what they have done- 24:24
  • and I will feel stressed and tongue-tied, so send Aaron too;26:13
  • Abraham said "Grant me honourable mention on the tongue of truth among the latest (generations)" 26:84
  • in a clear Arabic tongue. 26:195
  • My brother Aaron is more eloquent than I: send him with me to help me and confirm my words- I fear they may call me a liar.’28:34
  • Another of His signs is the creation of the heavens and earth, and the diversity of your languages and colours. There truly are signs in this for those who know. 30:22

33:19 44:58

  • Yet the scripture of Moses was revealed before it as a guide and a mercy, and this is a scripture confirming it in the Arabic language to warn those who do evil and bring good news for those who do good. 46:12
  • The desert Arabs who stayed behind will say to you, ‘We were busy with our property and our families: ask forgiveness for us,’ but they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say, ‘Whether it is God’s will to do you harm or good, who can intervene for you?’ No! God is fully aware of everything you [people] do. 48:11
  • If they gain the upper hand over you, they will revert to being your enemies and stretch out their hands and tongues to harm you; it is their dearest wish that you may renounce your faith. 60:2
  • [Prophet], do not move your tongue too fast in your attempt to learn this revelation: 75:16