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Malāk (@mlAk@)

The Islamic term for an angel is Malāk, pl. Malāʾikah.

Angels are the second pillar of belief in Islam, right after Allāh. They come in order before the books, because you need to believe in angels, before you can believe in (and before the books). . he reason is because they are the ones that deliver the message or brings the books to the messengers.. Pillars 3 and 4 depend on pillar 2.

Sources: hadith of jibril and 2:285, 2:177


  • They were created to worship Allah and to carry out His Command. they never tire. 21:20
  • They commit no sin and have no free will 66:6

So there is no scope of being fallen angels as some of the Christians have claimed. Also this is why some scholars say that the man is better than Angels because man has a choice whereas angels don’t.

  • They have no gender 53:27
  • Jibrīl or Jibrāʾīl, the angel of revelation
  • Mīkāʾīl, the angel of wind, rain and vegetation
  • Isrāfīl, the angel selected to blow the Trumpet
  • ʿIzrāʾīl or ʿAzrāʾīl, the angel of death

In Islam, Malāʾikah are a type of agent spirit sent by Allāh (swt) to accomplish certain tasks.

Along with human prophets, angels are considered to be messengers, i.e. Rasul.

On top of this, angels are guardians over humans and keepers of the inventory of good and bad deeds (82:10–12), although the recording is also ascribed to God (21:94).

honorable recorders (kiraman katibin),

Physical description

Angels are not ethereal creatures with no physical form.

  • Allāh (swt) gave angels various numbers of wings. (35:1) We presume this allows them to soar between the beyond and the earthy realm. so they can fulfill their role as spiritual transmitters.
  • Angels have an equivalent of hands. 6:93
  • As spirits, angels don't eat food or walk around the shopping centre 25:7


  • Angels are created from light. (Sahih Muslim) This doesn’t mean they are light themselves. For example, human beings were developed from clay, but we are not walking lumps of clay.
  • they don't eat or drink 11:69-70
  • billions of angels 74:31

Different interpretations say that the angels have 2 3 or 4 wings, other says it's pairs of wings. also possible is that the angels come in groups of 2 3 or 4

Specific angels

Jibrīl or jibraʿil? — Gabriel
brings of divine revelation to Muḥammad
Angel of Death
This unnamed angel brings death. We do not know the name, but some theories and traditions have named it ʿIzrāʿīl (Azrael).


The angel Mālik rules over hell (43
47), apparently commanding the Zabāniyah, nineteen angels who thrust people into torment (96:18, 74:30)

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