Islamic concepts

Muḥsin – one/those who excel, those who do what is good and beautiful

Ḥ-S-N ح س ن – good, excellent, beautiful

  • muḥsin (مُحْسِن) person who does good, one who excels, beautiful deeds; one who does what is beautiful; doer of good deeds, one who does what is beautiful
  • aḥsan (أَحْسَن) more/most beautiful; better/best, more/most beautiful/excellent
  • ḥasanah? (حَسَنَة) beautiful deed/act; good/excellent/beautiful
  • aḥsana (أَحْسَنَ) to do good, do what is beautiful
  • ḥasan (حَسَن) good and beautiful, excellent
  • ḥusnā (حُسْنَىٰ) best, most beautiful
  • ḥusn (حُسْن)
  • iḥsān (إِحْسَٰن) goodness, excellence, beauty; doing __ deeds; benevolence
  • ḥasuna (حَسُنَ) to be beautiful
  • ḥasanāt (حَسَنَٰت)
  • ḥusnayayn (حُسْنَيَيْن)
  • muḥsināt (مُحْسِنَٰت)
  • Tell us what this means. We can see that you are a muḥsin.’ 12:36