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Shafāʿah — advocating, pleading to the Almighty on another's behalf for forgiveness or for a better result, asking for good things for others, pleading on their behalf

ALA-LC shafāʿah
IPA ʃæˈfææʕɑh


stick up for: To defend or support

When a more worthy person makes a plea and vouches to Allāh on behalf of a less worthy one. It’s Allāh’s exclusive right.

  • Asking a more worthy person to plead your request in front of Allāh, to recommend you
  • to intercede = to plead on behalf of someone else
  • Asking a more worthy intermediary to plead your request in front of Allāh
  • plea to allah on behalf of somebody else
  • intercession, recommendation, mediation
  • to plead your case in front of another being. You and the intermediary together are 2 (even).
  • To Allāh belongs exclusively the right to grant intercession. (al-Zumar 39:44)
  • No one can vouch or plead for you before Allāh, except if Allāh allows it.

Mediation is Allāh’s prerogative. He gives the right to it to whom He wills. No one can intercede except with His permission, except him who is approved. Nowhere is any person named as having this privilege, but one verse is of outstanding importance that this right is exclusively the prophet Muḥammad ﷺ.

  • Nobody has the right to plead someone else’s case to Allāh unless Allāh allows it. (2:255)


to be accepted by Allah:

  • Allah must allow intercessor permission to intercede
  • Allah must be pleased with the person on whose behalf intercession is sought

39:44, 43:86

  • Allāh is not obliged to listen to . allah will only accept from those allah is pleased with
  • “They cannot precede Him in word, and they act by His command. He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they cannot intercede except on behalf of one whom He approves. And they, from fear of Him, are apprehensive.” (21:27-28)

If you need Allāh’s permission to speak, and when you do speak, then Allāh will decide who he wants to choose. it all goes back to allah. all shafaah belongs to allah. so ask allah. "oh allah allow me to be those"

Wisdom of intecession is twofold:

  • it's an honour for the intermediary to be allowed to speak
  • it's one of the ways Allāh chooses to forgive the person in the end

3 types:

  • bumping: raise the ranks of the people of Jannah, e.g. wife to bump up her husband in Jannah to be together at the same level, upgrade
  • saved from Jahannam before entering it
  • the grant Shafāʿah, for entire ummah. prophet's shafaah? to open the gates of Paradise ... Shafāʿah al-Uzma

Idol worshippers use Shafāʿah as excuse. Shafāʿah is a right of Allah. You ask Allah.

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