Islamic concepts

Shayṭān — demon, devil, evil creature, evil one

شَيطَانْ شَيَاْطِيْنْ
noun singular plural
romanization shayṭān shayāṭīn
pronunciation ʃæjˈtˤɑɑn ʃæjææˈtˤiin

A Shayṭan is a demon or devil in the broadest sense of the word. A Shayṭan is any evil creature that harasses, whether it is:

  • a human being,
  • an animal, or
  • a force (Qurʾān 6:112)




voices inside our head

  • instils rebellion, arrogance, ingratitude, distracts us to be far from Allāh

corruption = immorality, dishonesty, unhealthiness

  • provoke incite, trigger us to seek greater physical pleasure and ignore our Fitrah
  • Lane: any that is excessively or inordinately proud or corrupt or unbelieving or rebellious or that is insolent and audacious in pride and acts of rebellion (was or became distant or remote (ta); remote or far from the truth, and from the mercy of Allah (msb))

one who pulls you away, creates distance

“The black dog is a Shayṭān” [Muslim 1165]

In English, we say things like ‘the demon of drug addiction’.


ugliness 37:62-65$Tn

  • Satan is your enemy––so treat him as an enemy––and invites his followers only to enter the blazing fire. Those who disbelieve will be punished severely; those who believe and do good deeds will be forgiven, and richly rewarded. What about those whose evil deeds are made alluring to them so that they think they are good? God leaves whoever He will to stray and guides whoever He will. [Prophet], do not waste your soul away with regret for them: God knows exactly what they do. 35:6
  • Children of Adam, did I not command you not to serve Satan, for he was your sworn enemy, but to serve Me? This is the straight path. He has led great numbers of you astray. Did you not use your reason? 36:60

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