Islamic concepts

Shīʿah — sect, faction, party, divided group

  • Allāh has the power to divide and confuse us into opposing parties. 6:65
  • Avoid people who splinter Islam into sects. 6:159
  • Allāh sent messengers before Muḥammad ﷺ, among the sects of the former peoples. 15:10
  • Allāh will send the most rebellious member of every sect to be roasted. 19:69
  • The Pharaoh dominated the land and divided its inhabitants into different groups 28:4
  • Moses saw two men fighting, one from his faction and one from an enemy group 28:15
  • Don’t be like those who ascribe equals to Allāh and divide their religion into sects 30:32
  • The Deniers will be separated from what they desire, just like their party in the past 34:54
  • Abraham was of the same religious group as Noah? 37:83
  • Allāh destroyed criminal groups in the past 54:51