Islamic concepts

Taqwá تقوى — God-consciousness, mindfulness of obeying Allāh, watchfulness, spiritual awareness, vigilance , being careful

ALA-LC taqwá

respect for God?


Taqwá is awareness of the Divine. careful obedience

  • piety, spiritual vigilance, alertness
  • thinking of Allāh before acting, prevention
  • fearful awareness of Allāh
  • being on guard from falling off track,
  • fear and consciousness of Allāh
  • awe of the Divine, conscience, fear of God, God-consciousness
  • Alternate translations: carefulness, watchfulness, alertness, mindfulness, spiritual willpower
  • “a pious manner of behavior that observes constraints appropriate to a social-moral system on the basis of one’s consciousness or awareness and remembrance of Allāh” (Amina Wadud?)
  • Allah Almighty says, "Have taqwa of Me alone," (2:40)
  • 3:102, 64:16
  • 33:70
  • 65:2-3
  • 8:29

ittaqá: conscious of God, spiritual

Ataqullah, which means, “Be conscious of Allah in your heart.” The word taqwa means consciousness or awareness of God in your life. It also implies self-control, knowing that God is watching you. The more taqwa you have in your heart, the closer you are to God. Islam teaches that prayer, fasting, reflection, and selfless action can cause your taqwa to grow.

Some scholars (the Maturidi) say that your Īmān (belief in Allāh) is fixed, and it’s your Taqwá, your mindfulness of obeying Allāh, that goes up and down.

When asked to explain Taqwá, Hadrat Ibn Ka’ab gave the analogy: “Have you ever tried to navigate through a dangerous and thorny path while wearing loose, flowing robes? How do you do it?”

Very carefully? Like a ninja? Whatever your answer to that question, that’s Taqwá.

Basically we need to be conscious of Allah at all times due to which we are motivated to obey him at every moment and dissuaded from his disobedience at all times.

At work when we know our supervisor is watching we work diligently and when he's not there we become lazy. Allah is always watching and hence we need to be on the top of our game at all times.

These three verses are used in weddings:

Ninja skills in avoiding falling into a trap

Mindfulness of obeying allah

On top of the game Mindful of allah and Watchfulness against traps against falling off course

Protect oneself from harm from entering going near sin