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Tawḥīd — (belief in the) pure oneness of Allāh; absolute monotheism


Tawḥīd is the single most important concept in Islam! If you know nothing else, know Tawḥīd. Tawḥīd is what distinguishes Islam from every other religion on Earth.

Tawḥīd is the one right Allāh (swt) has given us over the Divine. Allāh (swt) will not punish anyone who understands and perfects Tawḥīd.

Tawḥīd is the absolute unity of Allāh (swt), the oneness and uniqueness of Allāh (swt). The pinnacle of Islam is to act upon the fact that Allāh is the sole:

  1. Master and Provider (Tawḥīd al-Rubūbīyah)
  2. bearer of the divine names and attributes (Tawhīd al-Asmā wa-al-Ṣifāt) unique characteristics
  3. one to be worshipped without any middle man or add-ons (Tawḥīd al-Ulūhīyah)

These three categories of Tawḥīd are found again and again in the Qurʾān. Take for example the opening chapter, Sūrat al-Fātihah, which Muslims recite at least 17 times every day:

  1. al-ḥamdu lillāhi rabbi al-ʿālamīn
    All gratitude is for Allāh, Master and Provider of the worlds
  2. al-raḥmāni al-raḥīm; Māliki yawmi al-dīn
    The All-Compassionate, the Very Compassionate; Commander of the Day of Returning (divine names)
  3. īyāka naʿbudu wa īyāka nastaʿīn
    You alone do we worship. You alone do we ask for help.

Take Sūrat al-Nās (Humanity), the closing chapter of the Qurʾān:

  1. qul aʿūdhu birabbi al-nās
    Say, “I seek shelter in the Master and Provider of humanity
  2. maliki al-nās
    The supreme ruler of humanity (divine name)
  3. ilāhi al-nās
    The one worshipped by humanity

* without a second* no divisions, partners, or children

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