Islamic concepts

Ummah أمة‎ — global Muslim community, greater community, society

Unity in diversity

  • People, I created you all from a single man and a single woman,
    and made you into races and tribes so that you should recognize one another.
    In God’s eyes, the most honoured of you are the ones most mindful of Him:
    God is all knowing, all aware. (Qurʾān 49:13)
  • Have nothing to do with those who have split up their religion into sects. Their case rests with God; He will tell them about what they used to do. 6:159
  • Who speaks better than one who calls to God and does good works and says, I am surely of those who submit? 41:33

Where do Muslims live?

Although Islam started in Arab world, Islam is a global religion. For example, only a minority of Muslims are Arabs. There are about as many Muslims in China as in Saudi Arabia.

The numbers below are for 2010.

map millions of Muslims percent of Ummah top 5 countries
(millions of Muslims)
South Asia 611 38%
Pakistan (178)
India (177)
Bangladesh (149)
Iran (75)
Afghanistan (29)
rest of Asia
and Oceania
320 20%
Indonesia (205)
Uzbekistan (27)
China (23)
Malaysia (17)
Kazakhstan (8.9)
North Africa and
Western Asia
294 18%
Egypt (80)
Algeria (35)
Morocco (32)
Iraq (31)
Saudi Arabia (25)
270 17%
Nigeria (76)
Sudan* (31)
Ethiopia (29)
Niger (16)
Tanzania (13)
Europe 119 7.3%
Turkey (75)
Russia (16)
France (4.7)
Germany (4.1)
United Kingdom (2.9)
Americas 5.2 0.3%
United States (2.6)
Argentina (1.0)
Canada (0.9)
Brazil (0.2)
Mexico (0.1)

Source: Pew Research Centre

* This is before Sudan and South Sudan split into two countries in 2011. However, the World Religion Database estimates that the new country South Sudan is 6.2% Muslim and (Northern) Sudan is 90.7% Muslim.