Islamic concepts

Waḥdat al-Wūjūd — Oneness of Being

وحدة الوجود

Waḥdat al-Wūjūd is a sort of Ṣūfī spin on Tawḥīd. Pantheism?

Muslims generally believe that God is omnipresent, but at the same time transcends his creation, so His essence permeates every atom but He is a seperate entity to the universe. He transcends everything.

Here are some verses of the Quran:

  • The East and the West belong to God: wherever you turn, there is His Face. God is all pervading and all knowing. 2:115
  • "He is closer to you than your jugular vein"-50:16
  • "He is the First and the Last, and the Outward and the Inward-57:3"
  • " ... Say: "All is from God. ..."-4:78
  • His is the East and West
  • Allāh is al-Wāsiʿ الواسع — All-Embracing, all-Encompassing, All-Pervading, 2:268, 3:73, 5:54, 2:115, 2:247, 2:161, 4:130, 5:54, 24:32, 53:32

  • Do not call out to any other god beside God, for there is no god but Him. Everything will perish except His Face. His is the Judgement and to Him you shall all be brought back. 28:88
  • He is with you wherever you are. And Allah , of what you do, is Seeing. 57:4
  • The seven heavens and the earth and whatever is in them exalt Him. And there is not a thing except that it exalts [Allah] by His praise, but you do not understand their [way of] exalting. Indeed, He is ever Forbearing and Forgiving. 17:44

The formula that Muslims recite when someone is struck by calamity Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un means, "Surely we are from God and to him shall we return." Similarly there is a Qudsi Hadith "Heaven and earth cannot contain Me, but the heart of the believer contains Me."