Islamic concepts

Waswās — (continuous) prompting, negative thought, constant chattering

وَسوَاس وَسَاوِس
noun singular plural
romanization wasāwis

Waswās comes from the verb Waswasa وَسوَسَ, meaning ‘to speak under one’s breath, to whisper’.


  • misleading whisper, evil suggestion, harmful influence, dangerous temptation
  • devilish insinuation, temptation, wicked thought, doubt, obsession, anxiety,

from the verb

to prompt or tempt with wicked suggestions, to awaken doubts

waswas = misleading obsessions, harmful influence, negative thinking, evil suggestions

negative thinking, insinuating thoughts, misleading whispers, satanic insinuations, obsessions, suggestions, doubt, lapse of faith, temptations, stimulation, etc

give me time until they are raised. because of the way you got me expelled, i will sit for them waiting on your straight path. (ties togethre fatihah and nas) iblis wants us off track. you will not find them grateful. (fatihah all gratitude) chattering to adam, the problem begins

most dangerous chattering in our time is. he whispered to both of them (parents) so he can expose to them that which was covered by their clothes. to shamelessness. create fahishah. evil, especially shamelessness.

prompt, incite, cue, arouse, egg on, elicit, evoke, exhort, get, give rise to, goad, hint, impel, induce, instigate, persuade, prod, provoke, spur, stimulate, suggest, talk into, urge

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