Islamic concepts

Yaqīn — certainty, sureness, firmness

  • completely satisfied with that reality
  • so sure, you don't revisit it

e.g. death, everyone is certain they will die

Levels of knowledge/truth

ʿayn al-yaqīn — visual certainty

if see the fire yourself; can be skipped; intellectual knowledge; kuffar want this; must see to believe; "eye of conviction"

ʿilm al-yaqīn — knowledge-based certainty

if smoke, there must be fire (didn't see the fire); ground is wet, it must have rained; certainty based on knowledge; you see the creation, it came from Allāh (you don’t see); knowledge of certainty; where it begins; kuffar didn't want this; Allah gives this, humans are smart enough to see this; higher evidence than ʿayn

haqq al-yaqīn — real certainty (from direct experience)

touch the fire, experienced the heat, feel; hits you deep inside your heart; state of iḥsān;