Islamic concepts

Zinā زنا‎ — inappropriate sexual activity, sexual misconduct, forbidden sexual activity, casual sexual encounters, sex outside marriage

ALA-LC zinā
IPA ˈzɪnææ

sexual impropriety

Zinā is sex outside the bond of a committed relationship. In Islamic values, casual or meaningless sex is not allowed. Marriage is very simple, and it holds the husband financially responsible to provide for his wife.

  • Don’t engage in casual sexual encounters (25:68)
  • When believing women tell the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ that they did not commit Zinā, he should accept their pledge (60:12)
  • Don’t go anywhere near Zinā. It’s indecent and leads to evil. 17:32
  • If four reliable eyewitnesses see you commit Zinā, the punishment is 100 lashes. 24:2
  • People who have experienced casual sex -3

extramarital sex, sex without commitment, unlawful intimacy