Lūṭ لوط — the prophet and messenger Lot, sent to Sodom and Gomorrah

proper noun
ALA-LC lūṭ
IPA luutˤ

Lūṭ (peace be upon him) was a prophet and messenger, sent by Allāh to warn the people living in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Qawm Lūt قوم لوت — Lūt’s people; the people warned by Lūt

  • Angels came to Abraham (peace be upon him). Abraham realized they were angels because they didn't need to eat. This scared him. The angels reassured him and said they've been sent to the people of Lūt also? (11:70)
  • Abraham finds out that of all the people destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah, not a single believer was among them. Only Lūṭ’s family (except his wife) were believers.
  • Allāh sent cute angels as guests to Lūṭ as a sort of test. The prophet knew it would be hard.
  • Angels appeared as young men with handsome faces.
  • People of Sodom and Gomorrah were huge perverts.
  • Lūṭ offers his daughters (i.e. girls from his nation) in marriage as a ḥalāl alternative.
  • They say they don’t want women, only want men.
  • They tried to peek in Lūṭ’s home, to get at his guests... ‘And they had demanded from him his guests, but We obliterated their eyes, [saying], "Taste My punishment and warning."’ (54:37)
  • Lut feels powerless to protect them (teh angels?), wishes he were stronger (11:77 and 11:80)
  • Why does Lut offer his daughters to them?

When Our angels came to Lūṭ, he was uneasy on this account and felt powerless to protect them. He said, This is a dreadful day. His people, who were used to committing foul deeds, came running to him. He said, My people, here are my daughters. They are purer for you, [if you marry] so have some fear of God and do not disgrace me before my guests. Is there not a single right-minded man among you? They replied, You know we have no need of your daughters. You know very well what we are seeking. He said, If only I had the strength to stop you or could take refuge in some powerful support! The angels said, Lūṭ, we are your Lords messengers. By no means shall they reach you! So depart with your family while it is yet night and let none of you look back. But your wife will suffer the fate that befalls the others. Their appointed time is the morning: is the morning not near?

  • Lūt says: “My people, here are my daughters. They are more pure for you.”
  • They said: “You know very well that we have no right to, interest in your daughters. You know very well what we want.” (their behaviour to be made lawful, or specifically to pair up with men, or from Lūt about the strangers?
  • Lūt wishes he had the strength to stop them (from abusing/attacking the angels?)
  • Angels tell Lūt and his family to run away (what were these people doing that was so bad that he had to flee?)
  • Lūt’s wife looks back (what’s the sin in this?) and doesn’t survive
  • Allāh rains down layers of volcanic rocks

Some Shuʿayb stuff mixed in with the Lūt story

Qurʾān 26:165-175

  • Lūt says: “Of all things, you approach and hit on other men? for sex, and you neglect women, whom Allāh has created for you as life partners?. You’re crossing the line of decency.” (Qurʾān 26:165-166)
  • They tell Lūṭ (peace be upon him): “Stop it, or we’ll kick you out of town.”
  • Lūt: “I still hate your actions. Allāh, save me and my family from the consequences of their actions.”
  • Allāh saves them, except for an old woman (Lūt’s wife), destroying all the others, pouring from a volcano. Most of them were not Muʾmin.

Qurʾān 27:54-58

  • Lūt says: “Will you commit this abomination? while you see and understand? You approach men? with lust instead of women. Nay, you are a people who act senselessly.” ignorant? = yajhalu
  • But they said “Kick Lūt’s family? out of town! They make themselves out to be pure.”
  • Allāh pelted them with a rain of volcanic stones.

Qurʾān 29:28-30

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