The Qurʾān

Chapter 100: al-ʿĀdiyāt

Verse 1

Abdel Haleem By the charging steeds that pant
Yusuf Ali By the (Steeds) that run, with panting (breath),
W. Khan By the snorting, panting horses,
M. Sarwar (I swear) by the snorting chargers (of the warriors), whose hoofs strike against the rocks

Verse 2

Abdel Haleem and strike sparks with their hooves,
Yusuf Ali And strike sparks of fire,
W. Khan striking sparks of fire with their hooves,
M. Sarwar and produce sparks

Verse 3

Abdel Haleem who make dawn raids,
Yusuf Ali And push home the charge in the morning,
W. Khan as they gallop to make raids at dawn,
M. Sarwar while running during a raid at dawn,

Verse 4

Abdel Haleem raising a cloud of dust,
Yusuf Ali And raise the dust in clouds the while,
W. Khan and raising clouds of dust,
M. Sarwar and leave behind a cloud of dust

Verse 5

Abdel Haleem and plunging into the midst of the enemy,
Yusuf Ali And penetrate forthwith into the midst (of the foe) en masse;-
W. Khan forcing their way into the midst of the enemy,
M. Sarwar which engulfs the enemy.

Verse 6

Abdel Haleem man is ungrateful to his Lord––
Yusuf Ali Truly man is, to his Lord, ungrateful;
W. Khan surely, man is ungrateful to his Lord.
M. Sarwar The human being is certainly ungrateful to his Lord.

Verse 7

Abdel Haleem and He is witness to this––
Yusuf Ali And to that (fact) he bears witness (by his deeds);
W. Khan He himself bears witness to that.
M. Sarwar He himself knows this very well.

Verse 8

Abdel Haleem he is truly excessive in his love of wealth.
Yusuf Ali And violent is he in his love of wealth.
W. Khan Surely, he is ardent in his love of wealth.
M. Sarwar He certainly has a strong love for wealth and riches.

Verse 9

Abdel Haleem Does he not know that when the contents of graves burst forth,
Yusuf Ali Does he not know,- when that which is in the graves is scattered abroad
W. Khan Is he not aware of the time when the contents of the graves will be brought out?
M. Sarwar Does he not know that on the day when those in the graves are resurrected

Verse 10

Abdel Haleem when the secrets of hearts are uncovered, on that Day,
Yusuf Ali And that which is (locked up) in (human) breasts is made manifest-
W. Khan And the hearts’ contents shall be brought into the open?
M. Sarwar and all that is in the hearts is made public,

Verse 11

Abdel Haleem their Lord will be fully aware of them all?
Yusuf Ali That their Lord had been Well-acquainted with them, (even to) that Day?
W. Khan Surely, on that Day, they will know that their Lord had full knowledge of them all.
M. Sarwar their Lord will examine his deeds?