The Qurʾān

Chapter 104

Humazah = backbiting, backbiters

  • to lie about somebody to hurt their reputation
  • speak maliciously of absent person
  • behind their back
  • smear campaign
  • behind (one's) back = In one's absence or without one's knowledge.
  • (publicly?) hurt/attack the reputation of
  • slander
  • Those Who Talk Behind People's Backs

Verse 1

Abdel Haleem Woe to every fault-finding backbiter
Yusuf Ali Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and-backbiter,
W. Khan Woe to every fault-finding back-biter,
M. Sarwar Woe to every slanderer and backbiter

Verse 2

Abdel Haleem who amasses riches, counting them over,
Yusuf Ali Who pileth up wealth and layeth it by,
W. Khan who amasses wealth, counting it over,
M. Sarwar who collects and hordes wealth,

Verse 3

Abdel Haleem thinking they will make him live for ever.
Yusuf Ali Thinking that his wealth would make him last for ever!
W. Khan thinking that his wealth will make him live forever.
M. Sarwar thinking that his property will make him live forever.

Verse 4

Abdel Haleem No indeed! He will be thrust into the Crusher!
Yusuf Ali By no means! He will be sure to be thrown into That which Breaks to Pieces,
W. Khan By no means! He shall surely be cast into the crushing torment.
M. Sarwar By no means! They will be thrown into hutamah.

Verse 5

Abdel Haleem What will explain to you what the Crusher is?
Yusuf Ali And what will explain to thee That which Breaks to Pieces?
W. Khan Would that you understood what that crushing torment is like.
M. Sarwar Would that you knew what hutamah is!

Verse 6

Abdel Haleem It is God’s Fire, made to blaze,
Yusuf Ali (It is) the Fire of (the Wrath of) Allah kindled (to a blaze),
W. Khan It is a Fire kindled by God.
M. Sarwar It is a fierce fire created by God

Verse 7

Abdel Haleem which rises over people’s hearts.
Yusuf Ali The which doth mount (Right) to the Hearts:
W. Khan Reaching right into the hearts of men,
M. Sarwar to penetrate into the hearts.

Verse 8

Abdel Haleem It closes in on them
Yusuf Ali It shall be made into a vault over them,
W. Khan it closes in on them from every side
M. Sarwar It will engulf them.

Verse 9

Abdel Haleem in towering columns.
Yusuf Ali In columns outstretched.
W. Khan in towering columns.
M. Sarwar in its long columns of flames.