The Qurʾān

Chapter 107: al-Māʿūn — Small Acts of Kindness

Verse 1 Have you seen the one who denies accountability?
Sahih Intl Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?
Abdel Haleem [Prophet], have you considered the person who denies the Judgement?
Yusuf Ali Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)?
W. Khan Have you seen one who denies the Day of Judgement?
M. Sarwar Have you seen the one who calls the religion a lie?

Verse 2 Who turns away the orphan
Sahih Intl For that is the one who drives away the orphan
Abdel Haleem It is he who pushes aside the orphan
Yusuf Ali Then such is the (man) who repulses the orphan (with harshness),
W. Khan Who turns away the orphan,
M. Sarwar It is he who turns down the orphans

Verse 3 And doesn’t encourage feeding the poor?
Sahih Intl And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.
Abdel Haleem and does not urge others to feed the needy.
Yusuf Ali And encourages not the feeding of the indigent.
W. Khan and who does not urge the feeding of the poor?
M. Sarwar and never encourages the feeding of the destitute.

Verse 4 Shame on people who pray
Sahih Intl So woe to those who pray
Abdel Haleem So woe to those who pray
Yusuf Ali So woe to the worshippers
W. Khan So woe to those who pray
M. Sarwar Woe to the worshippers

Verse 5

Sahih Intl [But] who are heedless of their prayer -
Y. Emerick to those who are careless in their devotions,
Abdel Haleem but are heedless of their prayer;
Yusuf Ali Who are neglectful of their prayers,
W. Khan but whose hearts are not in their prayer.
M. Sarwar who become confused during their prayers,

Verse 6 Those who are all show
Sahih Intl Those who make show [of their deeds]
Abdel Haleem those who are all show
Yusuf Ali Those who (want but) to be seen (of men),
W. Khan Those who do things only to be seen by others.
M. Sarwar who show off (his good deeds)

Verse 7 And withhold small acts of kindness.
Sahih Intl And withhold [simple] assistance.
Abdel Haleem and forbid common kindnesses.
Yusuf Ali But refuse (to supply) (even) neighbourly needs.
W. Khan Who are uncharitable even over very small things.
M. Sarwar and refuse to help the needy.