The Qurʾān

Chapter 52

Verse 1

Abdel Haleem By the mountain,
Yusuf Ali By the Mount (of Revelation);
W. Khan By the Mount Sinai,
M. Sarwar By the Mount (Sinai),

Verse 2

Abdel Haleem by a Scripture inscribed
Yusuf Ali By a Decree inscribed
W. Khan and by
M. Sarwar by the book (Torah) written

Verse 3

Abdel Haleem in unrolled parch-ment,
Yusuf Ali In a Scroll unfolded;
W. Khan the Scripture penned on unrolled parchment,
M. Sarwar on parchment for distribution,

Verse 4

Abdel Haleem by the much-visited House,
Yusuf Ali By the much-frequented Fane;
W. Khan by the much-visited House,
M. Sarwar by the established House (Mecca),

Verse 5

Abdel Haleem by the raised canopy,
Yusuf Ali By the Canopy Raised High;
W. Khan and by the lofty vault of the sky,
M. Sarwar by the high ceiling (heaven),

Verse 6

Abdel Haleem by the ocean ever filled,
Yusuf Ali And by the Ocean filled with Swell;-
W. Khan and by the swelling sea,
M. Sarwar and by the swelling ocean,

Verse 7

Abdel Haleem [Prophet], your Lord’s punishment is coming––
Yusuf Ali Verily, the Doom of thy Lord will indeed come to pass;-
W. Khan the punishment of your Lord shall certainly come to pass—
M. Sarwar the torment of your Lord will inevitably take place

Verse 8

Abdel Haleem it cannot be put off––
Yusuf Ali There is none can avert it;-
W. Khan there is no one who could avert it—
M. Sarwar and no one will be able to prevent it.

Verse 9

Abdel Haleem on the Day when the sky sways back and forth
Yusuf Ali On the Day when the firmament will be in dreadful commotion.
W. Khan on the Day when the skies are convulsed,
M. Sarwar On the day when the heavens will swiftly fly

Verse 10

Abdel Haleem and the mountains float away.
Yusuf Ali And the mountains will fly hither and thither.
W. Khan and the mountains shudder and shake.
M. Sarwar and the mountains quickly move.

Verse 11

Abdel Haleem Woe on that Day to those who deny the Truth,
Yusuf Ali Then woe that Day to those that treat (Truth) as Falsehood;-
W. Khan Woe on that Day to those who deny the truth,
M. Sarwar Woe will be to those who rejected the Truth

Verse 12

Abdel Haleem who amuse themselves with idle chatter:
Yusuf Ali That play (and paddle) in shallow trifles.
W. Khan who divert themselves with idle chatter:
M. Sarwar and who indulged in false disputes against (God's revelations).

Verse 13

Abdel Haleem on that Day they will be thrust into the Fire of Hell.
Yusuf Ali That Day shall they be thrust down to the Fire of Hell, irresistibly.
W. Khan on that Day they shall be ruthlessly thrust into the Fire of Hell.
M. Sarwar On that day they will be violently pushed into the fire

Verse 14

Abdel Haleem ‘This is the Fire you used to deny.
Yusuf Ali "This:, it will be said, "Is the Fire,- which ye were wont to deny!
W. Khan This is the fire which you used to deny.
M. Sarwar and they will be told, "This is the fire which you called a lie.

Verse 15

Abdel Haleem So is this sorcery? Do you still not see it?
Yusuf Ali "Is this then a fake, or is it ye that do not see?
W. Khan Is this magic or do you not see?
M. Sarwar Is it magic or do you not still see?

Verse 16

Abdel Haleem Burn in it––it makes no difference whether you bear it patiently or not–– you are only being repaid for what you have done.’
Yusuf Ali "Burn ye therein: the same is it to you whether ye bear it with patience, or not: Ye but receive the recompense of your (own) deeds."
W. Khan Now enter it. Whether you behave patiently or impatiently will make no difference: you are only being repaid for what you have done.
M. Sarwar Burn in its heat. It is all the same for you whether you exercise patience or not; This is the recompense for your deeds".

Verse 17

Abdel Haleem Those who were mindful of God are in Gardens and in bliss,
Yusuf Ali As to the Righteous, they will be in Gardens, and in Happiness,-
W. Khan Truly, the God-fearing will dwell [on that Day] in gardens and in bliss,
M. Sarwar The pious will live in bountiful Paradise,

Verse 18

Abdel Haleem rejoicing in their Lord’s gifts: He has saved them from the torment of the Blaze,
Yusuf Ali Enjoying the (Bliss) which their Lord hath bestowed on them, and their Lord shall deliver them from the Penalty of the Fire.
W. Khan rejoicing in whatever their Lord has given them. Their Lord has saved them from the torment of the Fire,
M. Sarwar talking of what they have received from their Lord and of how their Lord has saved them from the torment of hell.

Verse 19

Abdel Haleem ‘Eat and drink with healthy enjoyment as a reward for what you have done.’
Yusuf Ali (To them will be said:) "Eat and drink ye, with profit and health, because of your (good) deeds."
W. Khan ‘Eat and drink with good cheer as a reward for your good deeds,’
M. Sarwar They will be told, "Eat and drink to your heart's delight for what you have done".

Verse 20

Abdel Haleem They are comfortably seated on couches arranged in rows; We pair them with beautiful-eyed maidens;
Yusuf Ali They will recline (with ease) on Thrones (of dignity) arranged in ranks; and We shall join them to Companions, with beautiful big and lustrous eyes.
W. Khan reclining on couches arranged in rows. And We shall wed them to fair maidens with large beautiful eyes.
M. Sarwar They will recline on couches arranged in rows and We shall couple them with maidens with large, lovely eyes.

Verse 21

Abdel Haleem We unite the believers with their offspring who followed them in faith–– We do not deny them any of the rewards for their deeds: each person is in pledge for his own deeds––
Yusuf Ali And those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith,- to them shall We join their families: Nor shall We deprive them (of the fruit) of aught of their works: (Yet) is each individual in pledge for his deeds.
W. Khan To those who have attained to faith We shall unite their offspring who have also followed them in faith, and We shall not let any of their good deeds go unrewarded; every human being is a pledge for whatever he has earned.
M. Sarwar The offspring of the believers will also follow them to Paradise. So shall We join their offspring to them because of their faith. We shall reduce nothing from their deeds. Everyone will be responsible for his own actions.

Verse 22

Abdel Haleem We provide them with any fruit or meat they desire.
Yusuf Ali And We shall bestow on them, of fruit and meat, anything they shall desire.
W. Khan We shall provide them in abundance with such fruit and meat as they desire.
M. Sarwar We shall provide them with fruits and the meat of the kind which they desire.

Verse 23

Abdel Haleem They pass around a cup which does not lead to any idle talk or sin.
Yusuf Ali They shall there exchange, one with another, a (loving) cup free of frivolity, free of all taint of ill.
W. Khan There, they shall pass from hand to hand a cup which does not lead to any idle talk or sin.
M. Sarwar They will pass cups of un-intoxicating and unsinful wine to one another.

Verse 24

Abdel Haleem Devoted youths like hidden pearls wait on them.
Yusuf Ali Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded.
W. Khan They will be waited upon by immortal youths, like pearls hidden in their shells.
M. Sarwar They will be served by youths who will be as beautiful as pearls.

Verse 25

Abdel Haleem They turn to one another and say,
Yusuf Ali They will advance to each other, engaging in mutual enquiry.
W. Khan They will converse with one another, putting questions to each other,
M. Sarwar They will turn to one another ask questions,

Verse 26

Abdel Haleem ‘When we were still with our families [on earth] we used to live in fear––
Yusuf Ali They will say: "Aforetime, we were not without fear for the sake of our people.
W. Khan ‘Before this, when we were among our families, we were full of fear of God’s displeasure—
M. Sarwar saying, "We were afraid while in the world.

Verse 27

Abdel Haleem God has been gracious to us and saved us from the torment of intense heat-
Yusuf Ali "But Allah has been good to us, and has delivered us from the Penalty of the Scorching Wind.
W. Khan God has been gracious to us and has saved us from the torment of Hell’s intense heat—
M. Sarwar But God has granted us favors and saved us from the scorching heat of the torment.

Verse 28

Abdel Haleem We used to pray to Him: He is the Good, the Merciful One.’
Yusuf Ali "Truly, we did call unto Him from of old: truly it is He, the Beneficent, the Merciful!"
W. Khan before this, we used to pray to Him. Surely, He is the Beneficent, the Merciful.’
M. Sarwar We had prayed to Him; He is Kind and All-merciful".

Verse 29

Abdel Haleem So [Prophet] remind [people]. By the grace of your Lord [Prophet], you are neither oracle nor madman.
Yusuf Ali Therefore proclaim thou the praises (of thy Lord): for by the Grace of thy Lord, thou art no (vulgar) soothsayer, nor art thou one possessed.
W. Khan Therefore continue to give warning, for by the grace of your Lord, you are not a soothsayer or a madman.
M. Sarwar (Muhammad), remind them, by the Grace of your Lord, that you are neither a soothsayer or an insane person.

Verse 30

Abdel Haleem If they say, ‘He is only a poet: we shall await his fate,’
Yusuf Ali Or do they say:- "A Poet! we await for him some calamity (hatched) by Time!"
W. Khan If they say, ‘He is but a poet; we are waiting for some misfortune to befall him,’
M. Sarwar Do they say, "He is only a poet and we are waiting to see him die!?"

Verse 31

Abdel Haleem say, ‘Wait if you wish; I too am waiting’-
Yusuf Ali Say thou: "Await ye!- I too will wait along with you!"
W. Khan say [to them], ‘Wait then: I too am waiting along with you!’—
M. Sarwar Say, "Wait, I too am waiting with you".

Verse 32

Abdel Haleem does their reason really tell them to do this, or are they simply insolent people?
Yusuf Ali Is it that their faculties of understanding urge them to this, or are they but a people transgressing beyond bounds?
W. Khan is it their minds that prompt them [to say] this, or are they merely insolent people?
M. Sarwar Does their reason tell them to say this or is it because they are a rebellious people?

Verse 33

Abdel Haleem If they say, ‘He has made it up himself’- they certainly do not believe-
Yusuf Ali Or do they say, "He fabricated the (Message)"? Nay, they have no faith!
W. Khan Or do they say, ‘He has invented it himself’? Indeed, they are not willing to believe.
M. Sarwar Do they say, "He has falsely invented it (the Quran)?" In fact, they themselves have no faith.

Verse 34

Abdel Haleem let them produce one like it, if what they say is true.
Yusuf Ali Let them then produce a recital like unto it,- If (it be) they speak the truth!
W. Khan Let them produce a scripture like it, if what they say is true.
M. Sarwar Let them produce a discourse like it if they are true in their claim.

Verse 35

Abdel Haleem Were they created without any agent? Were they the creators?
Yusuf Ali Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators?
W. Khan Were they created out of nothing, or are they their own creators?
M. Sarwar Have they been created from nothing or are they themselves their own creators?

Verse 36

Abdel Haleem Did they create the heavens and the earth? No! They do not have faith.
Yusuf Ali Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, they have no firm belief.
W. Khan Did they create the heavens and the earth? No! They have no faith.
M. Sarwar Have they created the heavens and the earth? In fact, they have no strong faith.

Verse 37

Abdel Haleem Do they possess your Lord’s treasures or have control over them?
Yusuf Ali Or are the Treasures of thy Lord with them, or are they the managers (of affairs)?
W. Khan Do they own the treasures of your Lord, or have they been given charge of them?
M. Sarwar Do they own the treasures of your Lord? Have they any authority over God?

Verse 38

Abdel Haleem Do they have a ladder to climb, in order to eavesdrop [on Heaven’s secrets]? Let their eavesdropper produce clear proof.
Yusuf Ali Or have they a ladder, by which they can (climb up to heaven and) listen (to its secrets)? Then let (such a) listener of theirs produce a manifest proof.
W. Khan Have they a ladder up to heaven by means of which they can overhear? Then let their listeners bring a clear proof.
M. Sarwar Do they have a ladder (by which they can climb up to the heavens) and listen (to the angels) and come back to the rest of the people with clear authority?

Verse 39

Abdel Haleem Does God have daughters while you have sons?
Yusuf Ali Or has He only daughters and ye have sons?
W. Khan Does God have daughters while you have sons?
M. Sarwar Do the daughters belong to Him and the sons to you?

Verse 40

Abdel Haleem Do you [Prophet] demand a payment from them that would burden them with debt?
Yusuf Ali Or is it that thou dost ask for a reward, so that they are burdened with a load of debt?-
W. Khan Or do you ask them for a reward, so that they are overburdened by debt?
M. Sarwar Do you (Muhammad) ask them for any payment (for your preaching) which they cannot afford?

Verse 41

Abdel Haleem Do they have [access to] the unseen? Could they write it down?
Yusuf Ali Or that the Unseen in it their hands, and they write it down?
W. Khan Do they possess knowledge of the unseen, so that they can write it down?
M. Sarwar Do they have knowledge of the unseen, thus, are able to predict (the future)?

Verse 42

Abdel Haleem Do they think they can ensnare you? It is the disbelievers who have been ensnared.
Yusuf Ali Or do they intend a plot (against thee)? But those who defy Allah are themselves involved in a Plot!
W. Khan Do they want to hatch some plot? Those who deny the truth will be the victims of the plot.
M. Sarwar Do they design evil plans? The disbelievers themselves will be snared by their evil plots.

Verse 43

Abdel Haleem Do they really have another god besides God? God is far above anything they set alongside Him.
Yusuf Ali Or have they a god other than Allah? Exalted is Allah far above the things they associate with Him!
W. Khan Or have they a god other than God? Exalted be God over what they ascribe as partners [to Him]!
M. Sarwar Do they have another god besides God? God is too exalted to be considered equal to the idols.

Verse 44

Abdel Haleem Even if they saw a piece of heaven falling down on them, they would say, ‘Just a heap of clouds,’
Yusuf Ali Were they to see a piece of the sky falling (on them), they would (only) say: "Clouds gathered in heaps!"
W. Khan If they should see a part of the heavens falling down, they would say, ‘A mass of clouds,’
M. Sarwar Even if they were to see a part of the heavens falling down upon them, they would say, "It is only dense cloud".

Verse 45

Abdel Haleem so leave them, Prophet, until they face the Day when they will be thunderstruck,
Yusuf Ali So leave them alone until they encounter that Day of theirs, wherein they shall (perforce) swoon (with terror),-
W. Khan so leave them alone till they face the Day on which they will be struck dumb,
M. Sarwar So leave them alone until they face the day when they will be struck dead from terror

Verse 46

Abdel Haleem the Day when their snares will be of no use to them, when they will get no help.
Yusuf Ali The Day when their plotting will avail them nothing and no help shall be given them.
W. Khan the Day when none of their scheming will be of the least avail to them, and they will receive no succour.
M. Sarwar and when their evil plans will be of no benefit to them nor will they be helped.

Verse 47

Abdel Haleem Another punishment awaits the evildoers, though most of them do not realize it.
Yusuf Ali And verily, for those who do wrong, there is another punishment besides this: But most of them understand not.
W. Khan Truly, for those who do wrong there is a punishment besides that, though most of them do not know it.
M. Sarwar The unjust will suffer other torments besides this but most of them do not know.

Verse 48

Abdel Haleem Wait patiently [Prophet] for your Lord’s judgement: you are under Our watchful eye. Celebrate the praise of your Lord when you rise.
Yusuf Ali Now await in patience the command of thy Lord: for verily thou art in Our eyes: and celebrate the praises of thy Lord the while thou standest forth,
W. Khan So wait patiently for the Judgement of your Lord—you are certainly under Our watchful eye. And glorify and celebrate the praises of your Lord when you rise up [from your sleep].
M. Sarwar Wait patiently for the command of your Lord. We are watching over you. Glorify your Lord when you rise during the night

Verse 49

Abdel Haleem Glorify Him at night and at the fading of the stars.
Yusuf Ali And for part of the night also praise thou Him,- and at the retreat of the stars!
W. Khan Extol His glory at night, and at the setting of the stars.
M. Sarwar and glorify Him after the setting of the stars.