The Qurʾān

Chapter 78

  1. عَمَّ يَتَسَاءَلُونَ
    ʕɑmmæ jætæsææʔæluun
  2. عَنِ النَّبَإِ الْعَظِيمِ
    ʕɑnɪ nnæbææʔɪ lʕɑðˤiim
  3. الَّذِي هُمْ فِيهِ مُخْتَلِفُونَ
    ællæðii hʊm fiihɪ mʊχtælɪfuun
  4. كَلَّا سَيَعْلَمُونَ
    kællææ sæjæʕlæmuun
  5. ثُمَّ كَلَّا سَيَعْلَمُونَ
    θʊmmæ kællææ sæjæʕlæmuun

Verse 1

Abdel Haleem What are they asking about?
Yusuf Ali Concerning what are they disputing?
W. Khan What are they asking each other about?
M. Sarwar What do they quarrel about?

Verse 2

Abdel Haleem The momentous announcement
Yusuf Ali Concerning the Great News,
W. Khan About the awesome tidings [of resurrection]
M. Sarwar They quarrel about the great news

Verse 3

Abdel Haleem about which they differ.
Yusuf Ali About which they cannot agree.
W. Khan concerning which they are in disagreement!
M. Sarwar concerning which they have disputes.

Verse 4

Abdel Haleem They will find out.
Yusuf Ali Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
W. Khan But they will soon come to know.
M. Sarwar (What they think is certainly despicable!). They will soon come to know (the reality).

Verse 5

Abdel Haleem In the end they will find out.
Yusuf Ali Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!
W. Khan Surely, they will soon find out the truth!
M. Sarwar Yes, indeed, before long they will learn all about it.

Verse 6

Abdel Haleem Did We not make the earth smooth,
Yusuf Ali Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse,
W. Khan Have We not spread the earth like a bed,
M. Sarwar Have We not made the earth as a place to rest

Verse 7

Abdel Haleem and make the mountains to keep it stable?
Yusuf Ali And the mountains as pegs?
W. Khan and raised the mountains like supporting poles?
M. Sarwar and the mountains as pegs (to anchor the earth)?

Verse 8

Abdel Haleem Did We not create you in pairs,
Yusuf Ali And (have We not) created you in pairs,
W. Khan We created you in pairs,
M. Sarwar Have We not created you in pairs,

Verse 9

Abdel Haleem give you sleep for rest,
Yusuf Ali And made your sleep for rest,
W. Khan and gave you repose in sleep,
M. Sarwar made sleep for you to rest,

Verse 10

Abdel Haleem the night as a cover,
Yusuf Ali And made the night as a covering,
W. Khan and the night as a cover,
M. Sarwar made the night as a covering,

Verse 11

Abdel Haleem and the day for your livelihood?
Yusuf Ali And made the day as a means of subsistence?
W. Khan and made the day for earning a livelihood.
M. Sarwar and the day as time for you to make a living?

Verse 12

Abdel Haleem Did We not build seven strong [heavens] above you,
Yusuf Ali And (have We not) built over you the seven firmaments,
W. Khan We have built above you seven mighty heavens,
M. Sarwar Have We not made seven strong heavens above you,

Verse 13

Abdel Haleem and make a blazing lamp?
Yusuf Ali And placed (therein) a Light of Splendour?
W. Khan and We have set therein a glowing lamp.
M. Sarwar (the sun) as a shining torch

Verse 14

Abdel Haleem Did We not send water pouring down from the clouds
Yusuf Ali And do We not send down from the clouds water in abundance,
W. Khan From the rain clouds We send waters pouring down in abundance,
M. Sarwar and sent down heavy rains from the clouds

Verse 15

Abdel Haleem to bring forth with it grain, plants,
Yusuf Ali That We may produce therewith corn and vegetables,
W. Khan so that We may bring forth thereby grain and a variety of plants,
M. Sarwar to make the seeds, plants,

Verse 16

Abdel Haleem and luxuriant gardens?
Yusuf Ali And gardens of luxurious growth?
W. Khan and gardens dense with foliage.
M. Sarwar and thick gardens grow?

Verse 17

Abdel Haleem A time has been appointed for the Day of Decision:
Yusuf Ali Verily the Day of Sorting out is a thing appointed,
W. Khan Surely, the Day of Judgement has an appointed time.
M. Sarwar The Day of Judgment will certainly be the final appointment.

Verse 18

Abdel Haleem a Day when the Trumpet will sound and you will come forward in crowds,
Yusuf Ali The Day that the Trumpet shall be sounded, and ye shall come forth in crowds;
W. Khan On that Day when the trumpet shall be sounded, you shall come in droves,
M. Sarwar On that day the trumpet will be sounded and you will come (to Us) in huge groups.

Verse 19

Abdel Haleem when the sky will open up like wide portals,
Yusuf Ali And the heavens shall be opened as if there were doors,
W. Khan and the heaven shall be opened, and become gates,
M. Sarwar The heavens will have openings like doors.

Verse 20

Abdel Haleem when the mountains will vanish like a mirage.
Yusuf Ali And the mountains shall vanish, as if they were a mirage.
W. Khan and the mountains shall be made to vanish, as if they had been a mirage.
M. Sarwar The mountains will be driven away and become like mirages.

Verse 21

Abdel Haleem Hell lies in wait,
Yusuf Ali Truly Hell is as a place of ambush,
W. Khan Surely, Hell lies in wait,
M. Sarwar Hell will lie in wait (for its prey).

Verse 22

Abdel Haleem a home for oppressors
Yusuf Ali For the transgressors a place of destination:
W. Khan a home for the transgressors,
M. Sarwar It will be a place of return

Verse 23

Abdel Haleem to stay in for a long, long time,
Yusuf Ali They will dwell therein for ages.
W. Khan where they shall remain for ages,
M. Sarwar for the rebellious ones and they will live therein for ages.

Verse 24

Abdel Haleem where they will taste no coolness nor drink
Yusuf Ali Nothing cool shall they taste therein, nor any drink,
W. Khan and where they will taste neither coolness nor any drink
M. Sarwar They will not feel cold nor taste any drink

Verse 25

Abdel Haleem except one that is scalding and dark––
Yusuf Ali Save a boiling fluid and a fluid, dark, murky, intensely cold,
W. Khan save boiling water and a stinking fluid—
M. Sarwar except boiling water and pus,

Verse 26

Abdel Haleem a fitting requital,
Yusuf Ali A fitting recompense (for them).
W. Khan a fitting requital,
M. Sarwar as a fitting recompense for their deeds.

Verse 27

Abdel Haleem for they did not fear a reckoning,
Yusuf Ali For that they used not to fear any account (for their deeds),
W. Khan for they never expected to be called to account,
M. Sarwar They did not expect such a Judgment

Verse 28

Abdel Haleem and they rejected Our messages as lies.
Yusuf Ali But they (impudently) treated Our Signs as false.
W. Khan and they rejected outright Our signs;
M. Sarwar and persistently rejected Our revelations.

Verse 29

Abdel Haleem We have recorded everything in a Record.
Yusuf Ali And all things have We preserved on record.
W. Khan but We have recorded everything in a Book.
M. Sarwar However, We have recorded everything in a book.

Verse 30

Abdel Haleem ‘Taste this: all you will get from Us is more torment.’
Yusuf Ali "So taste ye (the fruits of your deeds); for no increase shall We grant you, except in Punishment."
W. Khan [So We shall say], ‘Taste, then, [the fruit of your evil doings,] for now We shall bestow on you nothing but more and more suffering!’
M. Sarwar (They will be told), "Suffer, We shall only increase the torment for you".

Verse 31

Abdel Haleem For those who were aware of God there is supreme fulfilment:
Yusuf Ali Verily for the Righteous there will be a fulfilment of (the heart's) desires;
W. Khan As for those who are mindful of God, they shall surely triumph:
M. Sarwar The pious ones will be triumphant.

Verse 32

Abdel Haleem private gardens, vineyards,
Yusuf Ali Gardens enclosed, and grapevines;
W. Khan theirs shall be gardens and vineyards,
M. Sarwar They will have gardens and vineyards,

Verse 33

Abdel Haleem nubile, well-matched companions,
Yusuf Ali Companions of Equal Age
W. Khan and young maidens of equal age,
M. Sarwar maidens with pears-shaped breasts who are of equal age (to their spouses)

Verse 34

Abdel Haleem and an overflowing cup.
Yusuf Ali And a cup full (to the brim).
W. Khan and overflowing cups.
M. Sarwar and cups full of wine.

Verse 35

Abdel Haleem There they will hear no vain or lying talk:
Yusuf Ali No vanity shall they hear therein, nor Untruth:-
W. Khan There they shall not hear any idle talk, or any untruth:
M. Sarwar They will not hear therein any unnecessary words or lies.

Verse 36

Abdel Haleem a reward from your Lord, a fitting gift
Yusuf Ali Recompense from thy Lord, a gift, (amply) sufficient,
W. Khan all this will be a recompense, a gift, that will suffice them, from your Lord,
M. Sarwar This will be their reward from your Lord, a favor from Him and a recompense for their deeds.

Verse 37

Abdel Haleem from the Lord of the heavens and earth and everything between, the Lord of Mercy. They will have no authority from Him to speak.
Yusuf Ali (From) the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all between, (Allah) Most Gracious: None shall have power to argue with Him.
W. Khan the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, the most Gracious [and] none shall have it in their power to raise their voices to Him.
M. Sarwar He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He is the Beneficent God and no one will be able to address Him.

Verse 38

Abdel Haleem On the Day when the Spirit and the angels stand in rows, they will not speak except for those to whom the Lord of Mercy gives permission, who will say only what is right.
Yusuf Ali The Day that the Spirit and the angels will stand forth in ranks, none shall speak except any who is permitted by (Allah) Most Gracious, and He will say what is right.
W. Khan On the Day when the Spirit and the angels stand in ranks, no one will speak, except for those to whom the Lord of Mercy gives permission, and who will say only what is right.
M. Sarwar On that day, the Spirit and the angels who stand in lines will not speak except those whom the Beneficent God has permitted, and he will speak the right words.

Verse 39

Abdel Haleem That is the Day of Truth. So whoever wishes to do so should take the path that leads to his Lord.
Yusuf Ali That Day will be the sure Reality: Therefore, whoso will, let him take a (straight) return to his Lord!
W. Khan That Day is sure to come, so whoever wishes to, let him take the path that leads towards his Lord.
M. Sarwar That will be the Day of the Truth. So let those who want seek refuge from their Lord.

Verse 40

Abdel Haleem We have warned you of imminent torment, on the Day when every person will see what their own hands have sent ahead for them, when the disbeliever will say, ‘If only I were dust!’
Yusuf Ali Verily, We have warned you of a Penalty near, the Day when man will see (the deeds) which his hands have sent forth, and the Unbeliever will say, "Woe unto me! Would that I were (metre) dust!"
W. Khan We have warned you of a chastisement which is near at hand, on the Day when man shall [clearly] see what his hands have sent ahead, and when he who has denied the truth shall say, ‘Oh, would that I were dust!’
M. Sarwar We have warned you of the approaching torment. On that day, a person will see what his hands have committed. A disbeliever will say, "Would that I had been dust".