The Qurʾān

Chapter 82

Verse 1

Abdel Haleem When the sky is torn apart,
Yusuf Ali When the Sky is cleft asunder;
W. Khan When the sky is cleft asunder;
M. Sarwar When the heavens are rent asunder,

Verse 2

Abdel Haleem when the stars are scattered,
Yusuf Ali When the Stars are scattered;
W. Khan and when the stars are scattered;
M. Sarwar the stars are dispersed,

Verse 3

Abdel Haleem when the seas burst forth,
Yusuf Ali When the Oceans are suffered to burst forth;
W. Khan when the seas overflow;
M. Sarwar the oceans are merged together,

Verse 4

Abdel Haleem when graves turn inside out:
Yusuf Ali And when the Graves are turned upside down;-
W. Khan and when the graves are laid open:
M. Sarwar and the graves are turned inside out,

Verse 5

Abdel Haleem each soul will know what it has done and what it has left undone.
Yusuf Ali (Then) shall each soul know what it hath sent forward and (what it hath) kept back.
W. Khan then everyone will know what he has sent ahead, and what he has left behind.
M. Sarwar every soul will see the result of its deeds - those recorded before his death and those which will produce either virtue or evil after his death.

Verse 6

Abdel Haleem Mankind, what has lured you away from God,
Yusuf Ali O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?-
W. Khan O man! What is it that lures you away from your bountiful Sustainer,
M. Sarwar Human being, what evil has deceived you about your Gracious Lord,

Verse 7

Abdel Haleem your generous Lord, who created you, shaped you, proportioned you,
Yusuf Ali Him Who created thee. Fashioned thee in due proportion, and gave thee a just bias;
W. Khan who created you, fashioned you and proportioned you,
M. Sarwar Who created you proportionately and fashioned you

Verse 8

Abdel Haleem in whatever form He chose?
Yusuf Ali In whatever Form He wills, does He put thee together.
W. Khan in whatever form He pleased?
M. Sarwar in whatever composition He wanted.

Verse 9

Abdel Haleem Yet you still take the Judgement to be a lie!
Yusuf Ali Nay! But ye do reject Right and Judgment!
W. Khan Yet you deny the Last Judgement.
M. Sarwar Despite this, you deny the Day of Judgment,

Verse 10

Abdel Haleem Over you stand
Yusuf Ali But verily over you (are appointed angels) to protect you,-
W. Khan Surely, there are guardians watching over you,
M. Sarwar but you should know that there are angelic guards

Verse 11

Abdel Haleem watchers, noble recorders
Yusuf Ali Kind and honourable,- Writing down (your deeds):
W. Khan noble recorders,
M. Sarwar watching over you

Verse 12

Abdel Haleem who know what you do:
Yusuf Ali They know (and understand) all that ye do.
W. Khan who know all that you do:[48]
M. Sarwar and these honorable scribes know whatever you do.

Verse 13

Abdel Haleem the good will live in bliss,
Yusuf Ali As for the Righteous, they will be in bliss;
W. Khan the virtuous will dwell in bliss,
M. Sarwar The virtuous ones will live in bliss

Verse 14

Abdel Haleem and the wicked will burn in the Fire.
Yusuf Ali And the Wicked - they will be in the Fire,
W. Khan whereas the wicked will be in Hell;
M. Sarwar and the evil-doers will be in hell

Verse 15

Abdel Haleem They will enter it on the Day of Judgement
Yusuf Ali Which they will enter on the Day of Judgment,
W. Khan which they shall enter on the Day of Judgement,
M. Sarwar which they will enter on the Day of Judgment

Verse 16

Abdel Haleem and they will find no escape.
Yusuf Ali And they will not be able to keep away therefrom.
W. Khan and from which they will find no escape.
M. Sarwar to burn therein.

Verse 17

Abdel Haleem What will explain to you what the Day of Judgement is?
Yusuf Ali And what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is?
W. Khan What will make you realize what the Day of Judgement will be?
M. Sarwar They will never be able to escape from it. Would that you knew what the Day of Judgment is!

Verse 18

Abdel Haleem Yes! What will explain to you what the Day of Judgement is?
Yusuf Ali Again, what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is?
W. Khan Again: what will make you realize what the Day of Judgement will be?
M. Sarwar Again would that you only knew how terrible it really is!

Verse 19

Abdel Haleem The Day when no soul will be able to do anything for another; on that Day, command will belong to God.
Yusuf Ali (It will be) the Day when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another: For the command, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allah.
W. Khan It will be a Day when no human being shall be of the least avail to any other human being, God [alone] will hold command on that Day.
M. Sarwar On that day, no soul will be of any benefit to any other soul. On that day, all affairs will be in the hands of God.