Quran Etiquette

  • Cleanse your heart of negativity. As per 16:98, before reciting any chapter, verse or fragment from the Qurʾān
 Ask the Divine to protect you from the Shayṭān, the rejected one

I seek refuge in you o allah from saytan the accursed i turn to you o Allah, from the evils 98

shaytan = giver, source of negativity

to recite State of purity not jenaba (sexual impurity)

chapter 9. Muḥammad ﷺ did not recite

to touch state of wudu otherwise have a cloth

One should be in a state of Wudu when touching the Qurʾān. This is not because the Qurʾān itself is worshipped, but because the worshipper themself must be in a ready physical, mental and spiritual state of purity to hold and recite the holy book.